Heading into 10pm meditation time. Yet another excuse not to work on rebranding my medieval covers. I’m resisting that change immensely. I know I have to change the covers, as much as I adore (adore adore) the existing ones. I must meditate on change. It is not good to cling. I must accept.

Into The Wasteland

Seeking beta readers for my new novella Into The Wasteland. Here’s a very rough mockup of the cover idea. #dystopian Here’s a blurb:


She doesn’t know why she’s shuffling down a sterile corridor in line with the roughest hoodlums, miscreants, and serial killers she’s ever seen. She doesn’t know why, when she’s handed a gun, that she instantly knows the safety is on and the magazine is fully loaded. She doesn’t know, once those massive metal gates before her swing open, what she will face on the other side.

All she knows is that somehow, whatever it takes, she has to survive.