Into the Wasteland, my first novella in a new dystopian future series – is now complete! A young woman blinks into awareness as she’s about to be ejected – along with fifty hardened criminals – into a barren wasteland. If she can make it the 250 miles north through dangerous terrain and hostile locals, she’ll be granted amnesty. She has no idea why she’s here or how she’ll survive. She only knows she must.

Next I’ll be working on the cover. I’ll post that as soon as I get it mocked up. Let me know if you’d like an ARC of the story! It’s about 30,000 words / 178 pages.

…¬†What do you think – does this cover scream dystopian future? It’s set in North Dakota. The opening scene looks like this. I like the bright teal of the bottom, but tire fires are incredibly smoky. The top really should be solid black, but it’d blot out the landscape.


Or I could lay into the smoke a bit more heavily, and sacrifice the landscape …



Or I could just go whole-hog into the black smoke …



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