I’ve got 169 items listed on Amazon, 32 on ebay, plus CraigsList/FB swaps. The decluttering project continues! eBay’s count is actually low – I had a local person take all the remaining Cats Meow items off my hands in bulk. So I can launch on a fresh set of ebay listings! I just signed up for a store – it seems with their new pricing system that that’s the effective way to go. Anybody else doing an ebay store?

Creating Memories

I’m currently working on polishing medieval book 6, Creating Memories, to include my new sword connection. What are you working on?

… I’ve just finished my polishing run of Creating Memories #medieval romance. Now to sleep. In the morning I’ll redo the cover to match the new style and then post it! I’ll definitely let you know when it goes live. This is now book 6 in the Sword of Glastonbury series.

ArtsWorcester show

The final version of Lisa’s entry to the upcoming ArtsWorcester show – it lights up & was done with hundreds of pegs. I’ve been working on it since November. Bob was an amazing help and built an entire wooden support frame for it, mounted everything, and it’s done! The reception is Friday 6-9 at the Aurora in Worcester – if you’re local, come on out! :). What have you guys been working on?