Evening meditation time. I’ve just finished loading up book 2 in both the zoo mystery and art museum mystery series. I’m making progress! Meditation helps with building focus.

Join me!

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  1. Hi, Lisa. I went to your Facebook page, but I couldn’t get on without signing up for Facebook, which I’m not yet ready to do. Maybe once I get settled with the blog and other Internet commitments I’m trying to keep up with.

    An editor emailed me today, very nicely requesting that I submit an entire novel–Alaskan bush pilot romance–via their submission process. After going through all the hoops I found out it couldn’t be done by tablet, which is all I’ve got. 🙁

    More and more your advice about self publishing on Amazon hits home. I will look more into it. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my review of Rumble Strip and then continuing the conversation. It was very good of you..

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