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  1. Hi Lisa. I have been visiting the blog (actually entire website) for a couple of years. Lots of amazing and great material. More later.
    On your subject of stalking versus pursuit, I would observe that most people share a an approximate agreement on where this line is and most agree that it is distorted or crossed in many movies (and books). May I suggest that in your research you check out and comment on the Bollywood contributions. Bollywood has been criticized for allowing (indeed promoting) the illogical sequence of pushy/aggressive/stalking male and resistant/reluctant/frightened female apparently naturally followed by romance/sex and accepting/yielding/engaged female. It makes one wonder about the connection between Bollywood and the cultural problems and even legal difficulty in understanding consensual relations in the Indian subcontinent. Not saying that people in this geographic area are any more or less responsible or irresponsible in this matter, but Bollywood produces more films than Hollywood and so has a huge impact and a corresponding responsibility. Is Bollywood/Hollywood/Government meeting the responsibilities or compromising for their own benefits of power and money? That is just an observation. If I were to get into my opinion the length of this little comment would quadruple. Thanks for your stimulating question.

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