Author Signings

I had a blast signing books at the Worcester Barnes & Noble this past weekend. I was thinking about writing up a short booklet on how to do author signings, for those who haven’t done them before.

Would anybody here find that helpful? It’s a great way to build exposure for your books. Just let me know if you prefer EPUB, MOBI, or PDF.


Back Yard Yoga

I just finished a serene yoga session in my back yard. There were sparrows sipping water right next to me. Chickadees swooping inches from my head. A caterpillar inching across my toes. A baby jumping spider peering in curiosity at me from my hand. Flowers. Butterflies. So joyful. #Namaste

I also did two minutes with my weighted hula hoop. I love hula hooping! I wanted to do more but I haven’t used it in a while and one has to be cautious about ramping up too quickly with these. It can lead to a sore stomach. If you don’t have a hula hoop I highly recommend it! It’s fun and just so good for your waist / hips / stomach.