Thu 7/28 – Resisting the call of the beautiful nature at my back porch – I have a backlog of my books I need to publish and I can’t do that from my laptop. I’m forcing myself to stay inside until I get this done. I think I have 6 books ready to publish? We’ll find out! What are you up to today?

OK the Gratitude picture book has its final version loaded in Kindle & paperback format. One down!

Excellent, book 7 in my diner cozy mystery series with a heroine with Asperger’s is going live! If you haven’t seen this series yet, you can start with book 1 which is FREE to see what it’s about!

Progress! I have just loaded my Massachusetts Lighthouse book into Amazon for both Kindle and Paperback versions. They should be live tomorrow.

My yoga for travel book is now loading live on all ebook platforms (Kindle iTunes Kobo etc.) plus paperback. I’ll let you know when it’s live!

Book 3 of my paranormal suspense Out-Of-Body series is now loading live! It should be live in a day or so. That’s five books published so far today :).

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