paranormal out-of-body book 4

I’m finishing up paranormal out-of-body book 4 while Julie rests by the fire. Earlier she mrowled to go outside and we took a long walk in the back yard. And when we got back inside she didn’t go back into her carrier to hide there! I think she’s feeling better! What are you working on today?


Here is book 1 in the series, which is of course free:


Two days ago Julie sat on my lap on the porch steps. Yesterday she came out of her carrier but Bob had to carry her to the steps. Today she stayed in her carrier so I brought it out to sit by my side. It’s the first day she hasn’t actively come out of it when she saw she could go outside. She sniffed at the air a bit and then went back to sleep. She is fading. We treasure each remaining day. #namaste


Debate Night

I’m practicing deep breathing before Debate Night begins. I’m just home from the Worcester CoatsForKids charity event that Bob’s band donated their evening to. It was a powerful reminder that ALL colors of people are deserving of love, respect, and support.
I believe we should never disparage someone for the fact that they were born Hispanic or Black or anything else. The very idea baffles me. How can a person censure another person for the circumstances of their birth? Do any of us control that? And it’s even more mind-boggling to me when the person disparaging is Irish or Italian when, only a generation or two ago, THEIR families were the ones being maligned for their facial features and skin color. Is memory that short?

Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I had a wonderfully enriching day. My writing group met for the afternoon and I ran a workshop for my art group this evening on monoprints. Here is one in a series I created celebrating the diversity of our world. It’s an 8-inch round. If someone would like it for $5 plus shipping I’ll donate that money to Doctors Without Borders (charity rating of “A”) #Namaste