Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m nearly done with book 1 in my fairy-tale Cinderella series. I’ve been rewriting this one for nearly two years now and am finally at a point where I’m reasonably happy with it. Originally I was following along the traditional story-line, but I just couldn’t embrace it. My heroine had to become more feisty – to not just wait passively for her prince to save her. #Namaste

BTW this castle is in Germany – my Mom and I visited it on a wonderful trip there. It’s not my photo, though, this is a stock image I have rights to :).

Aspen Allegations

Wow! Aspen Allegations is now #2 in Crime and I have no idea why. Is it being featured in a newsletter somewhere? Can those of you who get book newsletters take a look? I can’t find it on any I get, but this traffic is coming from somewhere … it’s perfect timing because I’m finally finishing up Dogwood Dilemmas to publish it today!


new Cinderella series

I’ve been working on variations of the left cover for my new Cinderella series. Yesterday evening I happened to see that someone else had used the exact same stock image for their Cinderella book. Part of what’s funny is that I’d hated the “toilet paper stuck on the dress” look of the stock image and had been trying all sorts of things to hide that part of the dress. I guess not everyone had that same negative reaction to the train :). Ah well, the hurdles in the life of an author – time to start again! What are you guys working on today?

White House has blocked CNN

The White House has blocked CNN, LA Times, NY Times from a briefing; Breitbart was allowed in. This is the Twilight Zone. Also, Trump is pressuring news organizations to publicly print the names of ALL sources – he says unnamed sources shouldn’t be allowed. Because, you know, Nixon and “Deep Throat”.


morning yoga routine

I just finished my morning yoga routine – it was warm enough to do it on the back porch! In February in Massachusetts! This is insanity :). And I’m not even talking “a nip in the air” warm. I’m talking t-shirt and shorts weather. Time to send another round of emails to my reps. Sure, it’s nice for today – but it bodes very poorly for the planet as a whole, which I care about. #climatechange