Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’ve just sent my new Cinderella book 1 out to my beta-readers. If you’re interested in seeing a copy, let me know. It took me quite a while (nearly two years) to craft a personality for Cinderella that I liked. I just wasn’t keen on her traditional passive way of being. I’m open to polishing ideas on the cover and especially on the subtitle and series name. Those are definitely works in progress :). #Namaste

Passively listening to a lecture

Passively listening to a lecture is about the Ninth Level of Hell for me. They often talk SOOOO SLOWWWLLYYYY that I am pulling my hair out in frustration. I would far rather read the transcript in about one-tenth the time and staying engaged with the topic. Do you prefer reading to gain information? Or do you enjoy sitting back and having someone talk to you?