Does anybody know anyone who speaks Hebrew? I have a narrator for my Biblical tale and she needs to know the pronunciation of bavith. It means home. Here is the passage. Thanks!!

She paused for a moment, brushing her long, brown hair back beneath its white veil. “John, a breath is all I need. Then we can continue on to find my father.”

“You could have stayed at home, my sweet.” He had said that perhaps ten times since they had set out from their small one-room bavith – the simple dwelling the entire family shared on the edge of town. “I am sure he is all right. He is getting older, but his wits are still about him.”

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  1. It is pronounced bah- yeet.

    On another note I am teacher at Pine Hill Waldorf School. I am teaching the 6th grade about the Middle Ages.

    They will be making swords and participating in a Medieval Games in the spring with a few other Waldorf Schools. I wanted to speak to you about sword fighting and perhaps you sharing your knowledge about the Middle Ages.

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