Facebook social networking book

I’m finishing up my Facebook social networking book and am now seeking beta-readers. Beta-readers provide feedback on any last changes before I publish. Let me know if you’re interested! Just message me with your preference of EPUB, MOBI, or PDF. I also have books on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest that I’m happy to send along. I definitely recommend authors have a presence in all 7 – it’s free and quite useful.

Facebook Social Networking book

The snow is falling, I have two UPSs plugged in just in case, but to be doubly sure I was ready for Thursday’s seminar I plowed through and just finished the full first draft of my Facebook Social Networking book. Hurrah! I’ve mailed it to my phone, too. Now to turn everything off and sleep. If disaster strikes at least I can trek to a library and finish up the editing. Have a good day, everyone! Stay warm!