Health Care bill

If you’re in the US please look seriously at the upcoming Health Care bill and contact your rep. It’s absolutely critical we cover everyone. To leave behind the most vulnerable – the poor children and elderly – makes no sense to me. The rich will always get care no matter what.

The bill seems rife with a “wait until things get awful” mentality. They won’t cover mammograms – but they’ll cover you once you have cancer. If they simply covered the mammograms then most people wouldn’t *get* cancer which would save agony, lives, and, heck, money.

Healthier Old Age

Interesting – if we remove the ‘dying’ cells from our body, the ones which remain stay healthy and active. This would mean a healthier “old age” even if not a longer one. I’m all for reducing unnecessary aches and pains which plague us just as a result of older age.