Book 21 is done

Hurrah! Book 21 is done and ready for feedback! It’s set during the King Philip War. :). Let me know if you’re interested in my sweetly romantic Time Travel short story adventure series. I can send MOBI (kindle), EPUB (iTunes), or PDF (generic). Next up, book 22 – set during the Hun / Vandal / Roman times! Always makes me think of a friend from high school :).

Destiny Series

The patient fans of my Destiny series – currently 20 books – have been waiting over a *year* for me to get back to it. I’m now ready to finish up the series with books 21-30. I needed to be hit by inspiration and last night it struck :). So right now I am re-reading books 1-20 to prepare – and then I start writing! Here’s book 1 – FREE – to see how it all begins!