Beauty and the Beast

Wow the publisher & author of this book – Beauty and the Beast – have already already hit me with TWO negative votes on my review – and I just posted it! Talk about them being a bit paranoid. And it’s not even like I was wholly hostile to the book’s content. Just to specific aspects of its marketing and the introductory material.

Beauty And The Beast story

I’m doing one final read-through of my Beauty And The Beast story and then it goes live! The original French tale had serious challenges. Never mind Disney. Yes, I loved the library. But I greatly disliked the way the father allowed his young daughter to be wholly given to a stranger’s control – a stranger known for his violent temper. It was the father’s responsibility to keep her safe. I also greatly disliked the message of ‘just be patient with a violent man – he’ll become your prince charming if you stick around long enough.’ It’s taken me quite a lot of research and thought to develop a version which conveys the message I wish. What are you working on today?

Beauty and the Beast

Last night I read ‘Beauty and the Beast’, a collection of historic Animal Bride fairy tales and folklore. It’s a powerful topic full of some fairly disturbing stories. Many of them were meant to indoctrinate young women into the thought that it was their duty to sacrifice themselves in an arranged marriage with a brute of a husband in order to help their family.

This historical perspective is a good topic area to study. That being said, I have serious issues with the publisher marketing this as a “book of the movie” and making it seem as if the book is ABOUT the movie storyline (and suitable for kids to read on their own). Instead, the text is clearly aimed at highly literate adults, and the stories themselves should probably be read by parent-and-child together to discuss the historic context of them and why men are raping women, raping cows, raping … raping … oh, and killing. If, you know, she isn’t quite pretty enough.

book 3 in my Cinderella series

I was just about to publish book 3 in my Cinderella series, called “Beauty”, when I received in the mail a review copy of a book all about the variations around the world of animal brides and grooms. It seemed like fate. I’m going to read this to learn even more about the historical basis of the classic fairy tale and then do one final polishing round on my “Beauty”. My aim is to publish it tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

I struggle with Beauty for many reasons, including 1) I don’t like that he has to “turn handsome” in the end for a happy ending, and 2) I don’t like that she often endures abuse by him in the hopes he’ll somehow change (which, given my stance on battered women, upsets me).