I’ve been trying for months to tackle the task of turning the hundreds of pages on my “getting published” website section into a giant “how to self publish” book. I already wrote the books on “how to write a book”, “how to do an author signing”, “how to use twitter as an author”, etc. etc. But I’d left the core “how to self publish” section until last because it is such a HUGE topic that I’ve written so much content on.

I’ve decided, at last, to break it up into smaller books. I think it’s the only way to wrap my head around the task. So first up I will compile a relatively short (maybe 80 pages) book specifically on ‘Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing’. That will get me started and hopefully be helpful to new authors.

What are you up to?

Here’s the pages I’m building from. Part of the challenge is that I’m updating my website pages as I update the book, so there’s a lot of back-and-forth involved.


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