OK I’ve done it, I finished the first draft of my book on different options for getting published. It ended up being 63 pages. It goes over the differences between traditional publishing, small press publishing, vanity publishing, and self-publishing. So this is not a “how to” book – it is a “understanding the basics” book. That then leads into my next book which is a “how to” for traditional publishing. And then I’ll do the “how to” for self-publishing.

Way back when I began this project I thought I’d turn the entire Lisa Shea Writing area of my website into one massive “how to write and publish” book. Now I have turned it into 14 separate books. There was more content there than I thought!!

Here’s my first run at a cover – yup, blue and gold. It feels fairly dark, though. Maybe I should make the book cover ivory with black letters? And I’m not sure the main title stands out enough …

I’m still very open to ideas on the cover, on the title, on the content, and so on.

Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing a free copy to give me some feedback on polishing it up! Thanks!

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