Destiny time travel series

Just finished the 31st and final book in my Destiny time travel series. This one’s set during Stalin’s brutal famine-murder in 1933 Ukraine. Stalin deliberately killed millions upon millions of innocent people – and he hid it all from the world. He sealed the borders so the peasants couldn’t get to safety. They could only slowly, tortuously die. It reminds us to be grateful for where we were born and the blessings our lives offer.

cabochon jewelry making

My new book on cabochon jewelry making is going live! It should be up on Amazon in a few hours. I have so much fun with these. Have you tried cabochons? What are you up to today?

Here’s a set of photos that Bob and I have taken over the years which I’m now turning into cabochon pendant jewelry. This is fun! Have you tried doing this? What are you guys up to? I’ll have these at the Sutton Art Festival on Sat June 3rd if you’d like to see them in person!