levitation photo challenge

Thank you to Jennifer Waller Mottram for both taking this photo in the first place and then tracking it down for me tonight when I wanted to use it as an example :). The upcoming photography challenge for this week is a levitation photo challenge – how can you make an image seem like it has levitation in it? Without PhotoShop? It’s a fun challenge! Join me!

In the one below I used a trick of perspective to make it seem as if I was holding up the tower. How could similar techniques be used to make it seem as if something was levitating?

Architecture photography challenge

The weekly challenge for 52Frames this week was the Architecture photography challenge with an extra bonus for “wide angle”. I used the wide angle lens attachment for my cell phone. It’s pretty neat! If you’re not currently a member of 52Frames (it’s free) sign up now so you’re ready for next week. If you are a member, post your photo below!

Here’s what the image looked like with the standard cellphone lens.

When you add on the wide angle lens, you can suddenly see more in all four directions, although it’s a bit fuzzier. I stood in the exact same place for this. This is the Whitinsville Library in Whitinsville, MA.

Here is the lens kit I’m using: