Capital One SPARK Online will NOT work with QuickBooks – Here’s Why!

I love online banking. My local bank was charging enormous fees for very little service. I was eager to jump into Capital One Spark, which is an online form of FREE banking. Part of what sold me on Capital One Spark was that it allowed downloading into QuickBooks. I’ve been using QuickBooks for many, many years.

QuickBooks integration was critical to my choice.

When one goes into Capital One Spark and looks at the download option, QuickBooks is clearly an option there.

You can download the QBO file. However, when you then try to download that QBO / QuickBooks file into Quickbooks, you get this error:

WebConnect Branding – QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download. Please try again later.

You might think this error indicates that you just have to pay QuickBooks for their support – or to call Capital One Spark to get support from them.


In talking with Capital One Spark, it turns out THEIR ONLINE ACCOUNT DOES NOT SUPPORT QUICKBOOKS even though the option is right there on the screen.

Yes, you heard me right. The on-screen QuickBooks option does not work.

Here’s the issue.

If you had signed up for your Capital One Spark account IN A PHYSICAL BRANCH with a physical person, it would work. But if you sign up for your Capital One Spark account ONLINE without a physical contact, IT WILL NOT WORK. That’s it. It just won’t work.

If you open up the actual QBO file with a text editor, you can see why. The QBO file is missing key data fields. There is no way this QBO file can work in QuickBooks. And Capital One Spark clearly knows this.

But why would they offer a QBO option on their screen if they know it is an invalid file?

It makes no sense at all.

We all need to call in and write in to Capital One to get them to have that file create properly. With the number of QuickBooks users out there, why would they way this is a supported feature and even give you the button to download the file if it doesn’t work?

Leave comments below so we can get this to work!

Origami Earring Special $10

Special! Only $10 a pair for origami earrings. I need to create “models” to photograph for Amazon. You’ll be helping me in setting up those pages!

Let me know which paper you’d like! This is Aitoh Yuzen Chiyogami paper which is textured with metallic gold highlights.

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Naomi Jackson Oxendine

As many of you know, I am writing a series of books based on Naomi Jackson Oxendine, born 1784 who then had four children in Jackson County TN. This family was all involved in the chancery records that most of the family genealogists have delved through.

Here’s my challenge.

We know that Naomi had two children, Jonathan and Polly, with “The Devil Bill Williams”. He had a ruthless reputation. I didn’t mind making him the “bad guy” in my books. However, I’m at the point where Naomi meets David Oxendine, and we know she then has two children with David. I want to therefore do something to Bill. However, I can’t find any research ANYWHERE which indicates what happened to bill after Polly was born. So I’m nervous about stuffing Bill in jail, for example, if anybody knows what actually happened to him.

Naomi Jackson Oxendine Genealogy

Does anybody know?

If we agree that nobody knows, I think I’m putting Bill in jail. Hopefully none of us descendants will mind that. Maybe it’s more likely in that time-frame that he would have been hung but I’m less keen on killing off a real life person when we’re not sure what happened to him.

I haven’t updated my Oxendine pages in a while, so I’m going to go through and refresh them all to make sure they have everything I know about the family members in the books. I’m writing in the 1800-1810 timeframe. If you have anything to add to my pages, let me know.

Here’s book 1 – it’s free – if you haven’t seen it yet –

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’m happy to take any suggestions.

Seeing a Ghost

My medieval book #13 Seeing a Ghost has a featured character based on my woodworking Uncle Blake :). I’m thinking of updating the cover to have some ‘background’ – do you prefer left (original) or right (new)?

Also, I’ve received a negative review for “no action” (i.e. they only kiss at the end). Would anyone like a free copy of this to consider writing a review? Let me know, thanks!

What are you working on?