Day 15 of Gratitude

Day 15! Hand-written cards are just so special. Do you have some in the house? We have a bunch at the Uxbridge Gallery for you to choose from :). Or make one! Send one to someone you care for!

What are you grateful for today?

When I was at the Booklovers Gourmet on Aug 30th I saw they had cards from an artist friend of mine and I bought two. A friend of mine is in a nursing home and I wanted to send cards to her. Now I’ve lost the cards and haven’t sent any. It is silly of me to keep hoping those specific two will show up – I should just track down or make another card to send to her!

OK there I tracked down another card and wrote it to her. It goes in the mail in the morning!

Today I’m grateful that, with a few hiccups, the kitties are learning to use the toilet rather than a litter box! They seem to have figured out the idea. That means no more waste material on their paws or being tracked on the carpet! Hurrah! And also it means no more litter and cat waste adding to the planet’s pollution. A win-win-win.

Gratitude Day 14

Step by step I catch up. Day 14! Treat your nose to something nice! Will it be a lavender bubble bath? A cinnamon candle? Maybe the aroma of chocolate? How will you gently add fragrance to your world in a way which works well for you?

And what are you grateful for today?

I have all sorts of candles and incense here but rarely use them. I also have lavender bubble bath and rarely use that. I will strive to use something each day. I have them – I might as well! I also have a little vial of Cleopatra “stress relief” aroma which I bring while traveling. It really is quite lovely. I’ll keep it here on my desk to breathe in and relax.

I’m grateful I found the time to get some laundry done today, so I have clothes to wear tomorrow :).



It’s bizarre to even think that. Bob and I have subscribed to Netflix from pretty much the very beginning. Their site says 1997. It could have been that early. I don’t even see in my account to determine when we joined. We were actively getting DVDs and sending back DVDs long, long ago. Then slowly we switched to online.

Then for years we were online only. Now we are contemplating cancelling because Amazon has better options. It is stunning how quickly technology changes. We have a four-level shelf of DVDs and don’t watch them because it’s easier to just find things on our TV.

How do you watch movies?

Gratitude Day 13

I have been so non-stop busy these past three days I never found the five minutes to post about gratitude! I am catching up now. I am being gently compassionate with myself about juggling so many things. The two back-to-back art festivals plus art show are now complete and I’ll have some time to breathe.

What are you grateful for today?

Have you been frustrated with yourself recently? Treat yourself as you might a beloved child. Remind yourself that we are all imperfect humans and we try the best we can.

I do try to be compassionate with myself with I don’t get everything done that I aim for. I know I have a number of to-do items that various people are eagerly waiting for. I am aiming to do better and allocate tasks to other people where they can lend a hand, so I’m not a logjam on tasks that involve others.

I am grateful today that Bob is such a wonderful help. He cooks delicious food for us, and he went to the Uxbridge gallery with me today to get everything reset from the art reception on Friday. I’m also grateful the kitties were calm last night so I got wonderful sleep!

Day 12 of Gratitude

Day 12 of our Gratitude project! Join us!

What are you grateful for today?
Today we brainstorm our vision statement with its priorities. Priorities are your life-long general aims. These would be things like:

* be healthy

* be serene

* be organized

* help others

* constantly learn

Priorities are phrased in the “I am now doing this” tense. Priorities are large, all-encompassing areas of life. Specific tasks like “be 130 pounds” come later in your goals. That would be in service of the priority of “be healthy”.

My priorities have been steady for many years now. I track them in an online thread and review them every six months or so. They are:

~ help others directly

~ help others help themselves

~ be healthy

~ be serene

~ find the lesson in every day

~ organize my world


Today I am grateful that I have worked on time management processes for years, to learn to use my time efficiently. It’s served me very well as I’ve aimed to get many things done every day.

Day 10 of Gratitude Project

We’re in double digits! Hurrah! Day 10!

What are you grateful for today?

Add something growing into your life. Plant a seed or two. Get a live flower. How about an artificial flower to represent growth? An image of a flower?

Find something to remind you to keep stretching.

Our kitchen window is growing yet more children from my sister Thamzen’s wedding plant. I’ve given children of these out to all sorts of family members, and the plants just keep growing. We’ll see if I can get some to the triplets and Artem next … it makes me happy to keep spreading these around :).

Today I am grateful I work for myself from home. When I woke up I met with an author to help him with his wonderful self-help books, which inspire countless people to better their lives. Then I attended a ValleyCast meeting which strives to help those with challenges and those of the “standard community” to interact and learn from each other. Then I ran one of my free seminars on how to write a book and get published. It was a full day of education, learning, and community growth!