Earth Overshoot Day 2019

Today is officially Earth Overshoot Day for 2019.

That means, as of July 29th, we’ve already used up all the resources for 2019 that the Earth can renew.

We are using our planet’s resources faster than it can heal / refresh them – and it’s only getting worse.

We don’t have a Planet B to fall back on.

Black Cat Volumes 1-31

Remember all the angst I went through with Amazon insisting I change my compilation cover from saying “volumes 1-31” to “stories 1-31”?

They want me to change it again.

Now they say that “volumes” is OK but saying “the complete set” (in tiny orange letters) beneath is not OK.

Apparently I can’t let readers know this is the complete set.

I think Amazon has officially crossed into the “not quite sane” category.

You can try book 1 for free to see what this is all about.

Out of Copyright Content

Today is my day to clean up a batch of Amazon challenges. Amazon had rejected this paperback for a minor copyright-page issue (figures, huh?) The Kindle version is live and the paperback should be live shortly. If you’d like to see a PDF version to review, let me know, I’m happy to send it along.

I’ve done quite a lot of out-of-copyright content publishing, as most of you saw back around January 1-7.

Here’s the book details:

Dystopian Western

Evening meditation time. I’m doing a final review of the audiobook narration for my dystopian Western book one set in North Dakota. It’s sounding great.

All too soon our world could really be like this, unless we take serious action now. In the meantime, best we practice our hunting and fishing skills.

Book 1 is free – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


Oxendine Series

Evening meditation time. I’ve had a lot of requests to finish book 4 in my Oxendine series, based on my ancestors who were black-Lumbee-Irish. I’d been hesitating since I don’t know what really happened to Naomi’s first boyfriend, and I wanted to be accurate, but I just have to plow ahead. In fiction, one has to do the best they can.

I respect all she endured in her life. Each of us can find that strength within us.