Famous Museum Artwork Alphabet Book

I need help. I have several artists waiting for me to lay out their “full bleed” children’s books – i.e. images which span pages.

To make sure I got the hang of it, I’m making one of my own first to experiment with.

Would anyone like to poke through it?

Also, any thoughts on improving this cover?

I like the concept but it’s just not coming together for me. Thanks!

Or maybe this instead?

Fly Me To The Autistic Mind

I just finished the first live release for my dear friend Tom Brook’s memoir on autism. The Kindle version will be going live soon!

In the meantime, I’m linking to the first book in his sci-fi trilogy.

An Autistic soldier is threatened with “normalization” technology to “fix” his brain. He goes on the run.

In the image, the new memoir cover is on the left, followed by the three books in his existing trilogy.