Writing Publishing Seminar – Millbury Library 2019

Attention all writers, musicians, artists, and other creatives! I’ll be holding a FREE publishing, marketing, and social networking seminar series at the Millbury MA Public Library in May. The dates are May 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2019 from 6-8pm. Did I mention it’s free?

I’ve published over 350 fiction and non-fiction works on Amazon. I’ve written history, romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, cookbooks, and more. I run two writing groups. I have years of experience helping those interested in writing along every stage from starting through getting it live in paperback and ebook form. I am skilled in how to market online in a variety of ways.

I also support several bands and am president of the Blackstone Valley Art Association. I’m fluent in helping creative souls from all backgrounds.

You can attend just one seminar or several, whatever best suits your interests and needs. All attendees receive free copies of my 16 books on these topics. I’m always available by email for free to lend support.

The first two sessions are on writing and publishing are geared toward writers. These workshops guide participants through every step of the process. From overcoming writer’s block to creating that first-page hook to laying out the book, I explain each step. I explain the differences between various types of publishing and how to move forward to the the book on the market.

The third and fourth seminars are on marketing and social networking. These evenings assist projects of all types. Even if you’re just starting out, now is the time to begin the work in these areas. You want your social networking going strong when you’re ready to launch your project. If you’ve already got a project out there, you probably know how critical that free marketing can be.

You need to sign up with the library to reserve your spot. Be sure to give them a call!

Ask with any questions, and I hope to see you at a seminar! Share the news!


Capital One SPARK Online will NOT work with QuickBooks – Here’s Why!

I love online banking. My local bank was charging enormous fees for very little service. I was eager to jump into Capital One Spark, which is an online form of FREE banking. Part of what sold me on Capital One Spark was that it allowed downloading into QuickBooks. I’ve been using QuickBooks for many, many years.

QuickBooks integration was critical to my choice.

When one goes into Capital One Spark and looks at the download option, QuickBooks is clearly an option there.

You can download the QBO file. However, when you then try to download that QBO / QuickBooks file into Quickbooks, you get this error:

WebConnect Branding – QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download. Please try again later.

You might think this error indicates that you just have to pay QuickBooks for their support – or to call Capital One Spark to get support from them.


In talking with Capital One Spark, it turns out THEIR ONLINE ACCOUNT DOES NOT SUPPORT QUICKBOOKS even though the option is right there on the screen.

Yes, you heard me right. The on-screen QuickBooks option does not work.

Here’s the issue.

If you had signed up for your Capital One Spark account IN A PHYSICAL BRANCH with a physical person, it would work. But if you sign up for your Capital One Spark account ONLINE without a physical contact, IT WILL NOT WORK. That’s it. It just won’t work.

If you open up the actual QBO file with a text editor, you can see why. The QBO file is missing key data fields. There is no way this QBO file can work in QuickBooks. And Capital One Spark clearly knows this.

But why would they offer a QBO option on their screen if they know it is an invalid file?

It makes no sense at all.

We all need to call in and write in to Capital One to get them to have that file create properly. With the number of QuickBooks users out there, why would they way this is a supported feature and even give you the button to download the file if it doesn’t work?

Leave comments below so we can get this to work!

MySpace password

Remember a few weeks ago I got an email claiming someone videoed me watching a porn site? (as if!!) Well now someone sent a similar email and they knew my actual MySpace password. I haven’t used that site in eons. I changed my password of course, but it shows why you should use different passwords for every site. Otherwise if one site gets hacked, you’re in trouble with all sites you use.

And now that I re-instated my MySpace account with a new password … do any of you still use MySpace? What for?

Swag IQ Live Trivia

Bob See and I are really enjoying playing SwagIQ every night. I managed to win money tonight :). It’s a 10-question live quick trivia game and only takes about 10 minutes. Some people tonight won $50 each for that 10 minutes. It’s free to play so worth a try! Let me know if you have any questions :). And yes, I get credit if you join up, which then lets me win a game I’m currently playing. So I’d appreciate it, too!