Eliminating a Body Type

A thought-provoking question. Do we really want every person the exact same height? Weight? Color?

“KRN23 is a recombinant antibody that restricts excessive production of a hormone that prevents people with XLH from absorbing phosphorus, leading to our short stature, crooked legs, poor teeth and other symptoms of our type of dwarfism. Ultragenyx, the company responsible for KRN23, has carried out adult tests with no ill effect. Pediatric tests are still underway, but this looks like the real deal. This is truly a cure. It is hard to explain to anyone who does not have a condition like mine why this feels so bittersweet. But it does.”


the lymphatic system

Fascinating news – the lymphatic system extends into the brain. It’s most efficiently cleansed when you sleep well, on your side. This can have an impact on Alzheimer’s, MS, and much more –


Nazi Gold Train

Rumors of a Nazi Gold Train brought a huge economic boom to a town struggling to recover from numerous closed coal mines. Maybe we should try something similar here in the US! Surely there’s something other than coal to revitalize the Appalachian region …