Swag IQ Live Trivia

Bob See and I are really enjoying playing SwagIQ every night. I managed to win money tonight :). It’s a 10-question live quick trivia game and only takes about 10 minutes. Some people tonight won $50 each for that 10 minutes. It’s free to play so worth a try! Let me know if you have any questions :). And yes, I get credit if you join up, which then lets me win a game I’m currently playing. So I’d appreciate it, too!


Massachusetts yearly LLC fee

I just paid my Massachusetts yearly LLC fee. It was $500 **plus** $20 for the “convenience” of paying online. What?? CT’s fee is only $20 period. In RI it’s $50. This is ridiculous for a small business owner. It’s one of my biggest yearly expenses. I even went to Boston to speak at a hearing. No luck. I’ve been paying this since 2005 and every year it bothers me. I keep talking to my reps, and they write bills, and nothing happens. They should at least make a sliding scale so small one-person operations aren’t paying this massive amount.

Eliminating a Body Type

A thought-provoking question. Do we really want every person the exact same height? Weight? Color?

“KRN23 is a recombinant antibody that restricts excessive production of a hormone that prevents people with XLH from absorbing phosphorus, leading to our short stature, crooked legs, poor teeth and other symptoms of our type of dwarfism. Ultragenyx, the company responsible for KRN23, has carried out adult tests with no ill effect. Pediatric tests are still underway, but this looks like the real deal. This is truly a cure. It is hard to explain to anyone who does not have a condition like mine why this feels so bittersweet. But it does.”