book 15 in my medieval adventure series

Hurrah! I have been stuck on writing book 15 in my medieval adventure series since October 2016. I just couldn’t find a new theme I wanted to write about. And then suddenly one came to me. In the past two days I’ve written 25,000 words / 16 Chapters. The story is flowing!

What are you guys up to?

Book 1 in the series is free here:

Medieval Technology Changes

In medieval times, thousands upon thousands of people made their livelihood by spinning thread. Then in 1391 an intrepid man in Bologna set up a water-powered spinning mill which could spin silk. In short order he put 4,000 people out of work.

We think of changing technology as a modern thing, but the medieval folk had to deal with these issues, too!

Would you rather live in medieval times or now?

Wax Tablets in Medieval Times

Did you know wax tablets were used from 2000BC through to the 1800s for note-taking? They were heavily used in the medieval era. I have a few of my reviews lambasting me for including this “anachronistic” item – which baffles me. The steady, continuous use of the wax tablet is well documented. I’m now updating my book’s initial description, intro pages, and appendices to cover the wax tablet usage in more detail, if there are really people out there who feel strongly that wax tablets weren’t in use for some reason. It just baffles me – I didn’t think this was something I’d have to explain in this level of detail.

Here’s the book, where a character does use a wax tablet …

Here’s just one of countless historical images showing people from all time periods using wax tablets –

And a whole article about wax tablet usage in Medieval times –

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medieval novel Finding Peace

So stoked! My medieval novel Finding Peace was chosen for a BookBub promotion on June 11! I’m honored and am now counting the days :).

If you guys haven’t advertised with BookBub yet I highly, highly recommend it. They’re pricey – my ad run is about $300 – but they vault you into the top 10 of the entire Amazon system and you easily make far more than that in profits.

For those who keep trying and get turned down – make sure you’ve got a solid set of reviews. Next, do you tweak the description and cover before each new submission? If you just resubmit the same thing they turned down it’s likely they’ll turn it down again. I had to tweak my covers and descriptions MANY times before finding the combination they liked. And it’s fair to say these guys know what they’re doing – if they like it, the readers are drawn to it. So tweaking for BookBub is really a lesson in marketing in general. You get instant feedback as to whether it’s right yet or not.