“Something New” Photography Challenge

Week 4 for 2018 in the 52Frames weekly photography challenge is “Something New”! For this week ending Sun Jan 28 the theme is about trying something new. Image by Lisa Shea and Bob See


What will you try for the “Something New” Photography Challenge?

Cyanotype with Bicycle Gears

Tonight’s the deadline for the 52 Frames Blue challenge – get your photos in! This image is of a cyanotype I made with bicycle gears on 10×10 canvas. The cyanotype is one of the original forms of photography. To create a cyanotype, you mix up equal parts 8.1% potassium ferricyanide and 20% ferric ammonium citrate. This forms a light-reactive “paint”. Here, I painted it on a canvas square. I laid bicycle gears onto it and let the sun expose it. Just like modern film, the surface reacts to light and shadow. I then rinsed off the chemicals to set the image. I made this cyanotype this week for this Blue-themed project. There’s no way I could resist making cyanotypes for a theme of “blue” :). I love cyanotypes. I think we should do “blue” every week. I’m probably in the minority … :).

Challenge Details: