Billy the Enchanted Ghost

Need help! I’m making a children’s picture book where a translucent ghost hides in various nooks at Enchanted Passage, a wonderful local children’s bookstore.

I’ll post some sample photos below.

I’m having trouble with the cover, though. I want the building front plus the ghost plus words. The existing colors are red and green so the natural triad is this blue.

Help! Any thoughts? Both seem hard to read to me.

Here’s an example page from the book. It’ll have a rhyme to go with it on the opposing page. They’ll be 8″ x 8″ pages, so easier to examine than this JPG. A child reading the book should have a relatively easy time finding the ghost in the scene. Part of the fun is that this is a real scene at Enchanted Passage so then they could go to the store and figure out where the scene actually is, like a treasure hunt. Any suggestions on the “ghosting” of the scene? I did that to make it at least a little harder to examine …

Here’s another example. You get the idea – each scene is a spot somewhere in Enchanted Passage that the child can find in real life, too.

Maybe this tweak to the cover?

Horror Short Story

Wow, Amazon is fast tonight! They’ve already put live books 8 and 9 in my horror short story series – the one with the car headlights and the one with the whiskey glass.

I’ve just reloaded the horror compilation book so it now has all 9 short stories in it. It should be updated tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me know if you’d like to see a PDF of this.

I’m happy to continue revising the stories based on your feedback!

Taking Her Turn

Happy Saturday Night, everyone! This is book 9 in my horror short story series. These are psychological / creepy, no blood or gore or zombies. It’s about a woman inside her own head.

It’s just the main title font here – left or right? Any other suggestions?

Let me know if you’d like to beta-read!

A woman in a drinking networking group gets sick of never being able to talk and takes action.

Taking Her Turn – Horror

Next up. I wrote another horror short story last night in my push to prepare for Halloween. This one is “Taking Her Turn”.

A quiet woman in a rowdy networking group never manages to get a single word in edgewise – and it pushes her over the edge.

Let me know if you’d like to beta-read it! 3,000 words.

I’m thinking of something relating to this for the cover. I’m having trouble finding a ‘bar group’ scene that has one woman looking left out :).

What are you guys up to today?

Absolution – Horror Story

I just wrote another horror suspense short story, this one involving an organ donor. I wonder why this idea was on my mind late at night.

It’s 5am now and I’m finished with it.

Let me know if you’re available to read over it and give me feedback on the story – it’s about 3,000 words. Thanks!

Good night, everyone, hopefully I have calm dreams! 🙂