Win the River Jordan Series

What are you grateful for today? I’m grateful for autumn’s beautiful foliage and that I have etsy running smoothly again. Chime in with what you’re grateful for and you can win all ten books in my River Jordan series!

Here’s book one for free to try it out :).

Chime in by tonight 10/21 midnight EST!

Blackstone Valley mystery series

Hurrah! Just finished writing Blackstone Valley mystery series book 4. I need to finish the series; I’m getting negative reviews from people that the series is not done yet.

Sheesh, don’t they know I’m busy? 🙂

Also, I need to update the covers. People say the covers look chick-lit when the stories are more Da Vinci Code. Suggestions?

What are you guys working on?

Here’s book 1, free!

short spooky story Chief Manchaug

Happy! I just heard that my short spooky story Chief Manchaug is going to be published in the upcoming issue of Cemetery Moon!

I’d like some reviews on the Kindle version of it – if you’d like a free review copy of the story, please let me know!

What are you working on today?

Cornish Pixies of Whitinsville

Yup, pixie #2 in my Cornish Pixies of Whitinsville series had an even shorter skirt where you could see her underwear. The underwear was skimpy and not (ahem) ‘full coverage’. Not quite appropriate for my young-teen audience.

I printed the image on watercolor paper and painted on a skirt. Then scanned it back into my computer. I then added some photoshop touches.

Thoughts? Suggestions?