Buddhist Butterfly Net

One of the foundations of living a Buddhist lifestyle - and really, living a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Wiccan, or other related lifestyle - is that you do not randomly harm other creatures just because they happen to be in your way. That holds true if you encounter innocent little babies, and it also tends to hold true for beautiful butterflies, or happy bumblebees, or other creatures that you might find in your home. But how do you help these innocent creatures relocate to their more appropriate outside location?

Butterfly Net When I first purchased this Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Net I was laughed at by both my son and my boyfriend. They said, "Oh, that looks like a net for a five year old." OK, yes, it has lovely pink and green colors. Is that a bad thing? The net is perfect. You swoop it at a bumblebee. The bumblebee is safely within the net, not being hurt. Then you head outside and release the bumblebee. You never had to touch it with your hands, it happily flies on to its next flower, and your home is safe.

We have a challenge with our parakeet because her seed seems to spontaneously grow grain moths. The parakeet lives in my office so that means moths flitter around my head while I'm trying to work. In the past this would cause me frustration - I'd bat them away and they'd fly right back in front of my face. Now, no problem. I grab the net, swoop them into it, pop them outside, and it's done. They are off to their new destination, and I can work in peace.

My boyfriend and son aren't laughing at all any more. They go for the net when they see a bee or wasp or whatever happens to get into the home. One swoop and the problem is solved. We've used it on spiders too. I'm amazed it took us this long to get one of these things!

My boyfriend is now even like the infamous tailor who somehow killed seven flies with one blow. However we aren't slaying bugs, but merely catching them. He's managed to grab three moths at once in the bug net and then pop them outside.

Highly recommended to anyone who ends up with moths, wasps, bees, or other insects that they'd rather relocate outside!

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