Mandala Basics

At its very core, the word Mandala in the Sanskrit language simply means "circle". A mandala is a circle. In many cultures the circle relates to the whole of life, the circle of the sun, the circle of life, how we all go from being born through thriving and finally returning to the earth. A mandala is a circular image which allows us to ponder and appreciate how nature is a circular system.

Expanding Stars Printable Mandala Mandalas are often associated with Buddhism, but many different cultures made circular images to help appreciate the world around them. Native Americans often design circular patterns. Christian churches will often have circular windows.

Mandalas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some people buy elaborately colored and designed mandalas to hang in their living room or bedrooms. These bring beauty to their world each day. Sometimes people make temporary mandalas - mandalas out of sand for example - which they know will not be permanent. These help them to accept that beauty is fleeting and we should make the most of each day. Some people print out blank mandalas and color them in as an act of meditation. The quiet coloring in of the mandala, with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other drawing implements, helps the person to rest, relax, and regain serenity in their life.

Here are instructions on how to make your very own customized mandala - as well as links to a variety of mandalas I have created. Feel free to print mine out and color them in, to bring relaxation into your own world!

How To Make a Mandala in Photoshop

Printable Mandalas
Air Travel Printable Mandala
Apple Health Printable Mandala
Bob Ovals Printable Mandala
Bob Stars Printable Mandala
Center Star Printable Mandala
Circles Printable Mandala
Expanding Stars Printable Mandala
Flower Printable Mandala
Flower Tile Printable Mandala
Grids Printable Mandala
Maltese Cross Printable Mandala
Radiating Star Printable Mandala
Stars Printable Mandala
Summer Sun Printable Mandala
Welcoming Star Printable Mandala

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