tricycle - the Buddhist review

I've read a variety of Buddhist and meditation related magazines over the years and they can be hit or miss. I was greatly impressed when I read through my Spring 2010 issue of tricycle. Just about every article in here impressed me with its writing and its message.

The news notes caught my attention and had me digging on the web for more information. The interviews with real practitioners expanded my ideas about how to practice. The humor pages were *funny* and I definitely want to share those with my friends!

There are frugal, tasty recipes. Exhortations to plant trees. An interesting take on being a Buddhist and a non-karma-believer. A thoughtful investigation into taking on the unknown. An appreciation of darkness.

Every article drew me in and encouraged me to think. For example, many people talk about generosity - but is it really being generous if you give away "trash" items you are not using anyway? Is that type of activity benefiting yourself as much as it helps others? You need to dig a little deeper to be generous - to help demonstrate that you are not overly attached to material things. The article cautions, though, not to damage your own health or stability in the name of proving your generosity. If your body is about to collapse because you are starving, and you donate your last food to a rich person who barely notices the additional weight on his table, you are not practicing generosity in a healthy way.

There are book reviews, information about upcoming seminars, and even the ads had interesting items I wanted to learn more about.

Well recommended!

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