Leaking Liner on a Maytag Dishwasher

We own a Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus dishwasher, model MDB7130AWW. Here are the instructions for troubleshooting a leaking liner.

First, to make sure you're looking at the right unit, here is a photo of our Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus dishwasher - we have the white version of it.

Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus dishwasher

It's important if you have a leaking dishwasher to first make sure it is fully level. If your dishwasher isn't level, it can leak. So once you've verified that your dishwasher is level, it's time to examine the liner.

When you open up the door of your Maytag dishwasher, you'll see that there is a black liner that runs along the left, top, and right side of the door area, creating a seal with the door. The liner is made of rubber. Here is the left side of that liner.

Maytag Jetclean EQ Plus dishwasher liner

The liner can get worn out, caked with food particles, and dented. You can pull the liner completely out of its housing with minimal effort. Then take a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning supplies to clean it out thoroughly. Then replace it back into its location. If you want you can "flip" the liner around in a mirror direction so that the inside is now the outside and vice versa. This can add new life to the lining.

We had numerous problems with our Maytag dishwasher's lining leaking. We have had to do cleaning activities on our lining quite often.

Note that Maytag claims to have a free warranty on the lining - but if you try to have them actually act on that warranty, they will force you to pay them $125 to have their service man come out to your house to do that change for you. They won't even send you a new lining - you are absolutely required to pay them the $125 in order to get your free warranty acted on.

We are very frustrated by this apparent contractiction - if you have had any experience with Maytag and their warranties please let us know!

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