Acrylic Magazine Holder

I put out a quarterly, glossy literary magazine. I absolutely want my personal copies of my issues protected and safe. This Acrylic Magazine Holder is exactly what I needed.

Acrylic Magazine Holder My issues are 8.5 x 11" in size, and run about 100 pages long of full color pages. So they are fairly heavy, in terms of a magazine. If I just put them on a shelf they could easily bend over or fall over. Their covers would get worn as other items pushed against them.

I bought my first one of these magazine holders in 2010, when I started noticing my issues were getting damaged by being loose on the shelf. I was absolutely thrilled with its sturdy construction. It is perfect for its task. I'm now at the point where my issues fill the first one, so I have ordered a second one! I will absolutely keep ordering these, hopefully they will keep them in stock.

Well recommended for anyone who has magazines or magazine-sized items which they want to keep safe.

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