Dymo LetraTag Label Maker

If there's one must-have item in your organizational arsenal, then a label maker is going to be it. I highly recommend the Dymo LetraTag Plus LT-100T Label Maker. Here is why.

Dymo LetraTag First, this thing is very portable but still creates high quality labels. I've used other labellers in the past that were either too big, or were small but inefficient. The Dymo balances the two quite nicely. The size is small and easy to move around. The functionality is great. You get a variety of fonts, sizes, cool borders, and symbols all within easy reach on the keyboard.

The cartridges are very easy to swap and you can see clearly which one is currently loaded. Their options are simply incredible. Yes, you get the normal white and colored labels. You also get iron on labels - perfect for clothing! And even more cool, you get metallic colored, and magnetic labels. You can create labels to stick on fridges and other metallic objects! Very neat.

The labels even have a split back, meaning it is very easy to get the backing off these labels. That alone would sell me on this labeller.

If you don't have a labeller yet, then you don't know what you are missing. There are so many things you can label to make your life easier. Here is just a small collection of the uses I have for my labeller.

Dymo LetraTag Crafts
First off, I store crafts in plastic Tupperware style containers, and label the outsides with what is in them. It makes it so much easier to find which craft I want and to stack them all in a closet. I am able to take individual items out of a pack - for example colorants for candles - and label each bottle, so they store more closely together. Even better, when I make up containers of lotion, I can directly label each container so I know what I used for that mixture and when it was made. It ensures the lotions are used before they expire and that I keep track of which is which.

It is so important to keep important records in an easy to use format. I have several three ring binders with important documents - homestead confirmation, license information, and so on. I keep a binder of copyrights for my websites, and one for mentions of my sites in the press. Each one has a label on the spine for easy organization. While files are nice, in many cases binders make the information much more easy to use.

It's amazing how helpful this use has been for our household. We have all sorts of electronics and often the power cords look similar. We label the cords whenever they are not permanently attached to the unit. You create the label, then lay the cord by the plug at the center of the label. You then fold the label onto itself so it makes a "flag" coming off the cord. That way you always know what a cord goes with. It's been helpful many, many times for us.

Serial Numbers and Passwords
I hate climbing behind my computer to dig out the serial number. I just put a label on the front of the machine with that information so whenever I call in to support, it's right there. The same is true for our router password. The purpose of a router password is to keep neighbors out of your home network. If a thief comes into your home, you hardly care if they know the password for your wireless system! Heck, they can push the RESET button and create a new one if their intention is to steal your router. So it's easier to put the password and info right on the router, so you have it when you need it.

File Cabinets
I have several plastic file cabinets around to organize my files and supplies. I put labels on the fronts of each drawer to indicate what is in it. I do this with my paper files too, so I know which drawer has my white paper, which has my floral paper and so on. It saves a few seconds each time I do something - and those add up rather quickly.

Fridge Items
How many times do you find something moldy in the fridge because you forgot to eat it in time? What a waste of food! Drop a quick label on the tupperware with when it went in. That way you're quickly reminded what you need to eat soon, and you get to it. The same is true for freezer items. The freezer does not make food eternal!! There are still safety ranges for food that is usually around 3-6 months. By labelling your items when they go in, you make sure you eat the food while it is still tasty and safe.

If you are sending kids off to school or camp, it's super easy to label their clothes on the inside. Nobody will ever see it, and if the item gets lost, it will find its way back to its owner. You can also make snazzy cool custom tshirts by printing out a bunch of words and ironing them on the outside in various spots.

Fridge Magnets
Make up magnets with the days of the week and then the chores for the household. Just put them up each week and people can move the magnets when they've done the chores. It's a simple way to keep track of the week that everybody can see and understand!

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