DYMO LabelManager Plug 'n' Play Label Maker, Grey (1768960)

I've tested many label makers over the years. Rarely do they surprise me. I was enthusiastically impressed with the Dymo Plug n Play label maker - it was a sheer joy to use.

DYMO LabelManager Plug 'n' Play Label Maker, Grey (1768960) This isn't a hand held label maker. You plug it into your computer. So that is a key thing to be aware of. This isn't the type of label maker you carry around with you in the attic. It's permanently attached to your computer (or I suppose a laptop) via a USB cable.

You don't need any external software to get it to run. When you plug it in, your computer will see the program files on the unit. You instantly start up the software. And it's easy to use! Just type into the box, hit the print button, and the label prints more quickly than I've seen on any other unit.

Since you're typing on an actual keyboard, entering data is incredibly quick and easy. You're not futzing with a tiny keyboard or unnatural letter positions. You just type and go.

Even better, there's an easy screen capture mode, so any image you see on your screen, you can plunk on a label! That includes peoples' photos, images of cats or dogs, company logos, band logos, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Really, the only downside here is that you need it to be plugged into a computer to use it. So if your task is to go into the attic or basement and label containers, you'll need to bring a laptop along. But if your style of label creation is to be at a desk labeling file folders, or other desk-related items, this is absolutely perfect.

Highly recommended.

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