Organizing Task Lists

We all have lists of things we need to do. If you try to remember them in your head, you eventually forget something. If you try to write things down on a piece of paper, the pieces always get lost. I highly recommend setting up your Outlook mail package to keep the lists safe for you - that way they can't get lost, and they are easy to sort and resort based on your needs.

First off, set up categories. It's good to settle on up to seven main categories. Organize them based on the types of activities you do. So for example, a set of categories might be:

* Family
* Home care
* Work
* Self Improvement

Always include a category for your self care. If you get run down, you can't care for others efficiently. It is very important to take care of yourself. Think about your car. If you don't keep it full of gas, and regularly oiled, it is going to break down. Your body is the same way. Schedule care for it as you would any other important piece of equipment!

Now for the tasks. Think up at least one task for each area each week. Make sure that these are IMPORTANT tasks - not just mindlessly urgent tasks. If you always have to clean up the rec room, put down a task to ORGANIZE the rec room. That way, by being preemptive, you will have a much easier time going forward. If you give a little thought to how you can make your life just a little easier, each week, the net result over months will be quite amazing.

Checking off the done tasks can be quite rewarding!! You could think you're only treading water, but when you realize how much you've accomplished, it can be quite liberating. Make those little steps count.

The key is to set aside time each week to reset that list. It is well worth investing 10 minutes of your time to plan out your week, so that it runs much more smoothly and progress is made.

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