Kenmore Progressive 295 HEPA Air Cleaner

We all live in a world with air that could be much cleaner. Many people have pets. The natural world creates pollen and dust. Industries and cars create pollution and smog. Your nose hairs and lungs do their very best to keep your body clean and healthy, but the human body was not designed for this modern world we live in. It's no wonder that many of us have allergies to modern pollutants.

Kenmore Progressive 295 HEPA Air Cleaner This is where the Kenmore Progressive 295 HEPA Air Cleaner comes in. First, what does HEPA mean? HEPA stands for "high efficiency particulate air" and refers to the type of filter in the system. This super-fine filter blocks out 99.97% (or more!) of dust and other particles in the air. This is the type of filter they use in hospitals and clean rooms.

In fact, technically, the HEPA is blocking 99.97% of particles of 0.3 micrometers (Ám) in diameter - this specific size is considered "hard to catch" for some reason. So for items larger and smaller than this size it actually does even better.

Usually the problem with a HEPA filter is the noise. It requires a lot of power to suck air through a filter this good. However, somehow the Kenmore manages to do it very quietly. Yes, you hear it running - but it is a very low hum. I don't mind it at all. My boyfriend who is sometimes oddly sensitive to particular sounds, doesn't like to fall asleep with it running. So we run it all day in the bedroom while we're not there, and then turn it off when we go to sleep. The room air is MUCH cleaner than it would otherwise be, and he gets his silence for falling asleep. You could easily do the opposite in your living room if you wanted, although to be honest if you had the TV or radio on you'd never even notice the tiny hum of this unit.

How well does it work? I definitely notice a big difference in how well I sleep and breathe. The HEPA rating is an industry standard one, so you know that it meets those qualifications.

Unlike ozone generating devices, this is completely safe as well.

The reason every single home doesn't have 10 of these running is cost. This unit began around $400 and is now down around $175. That's an amazing price for a HEPA filter but still not cheap. Also, HEPA filters are not cheap either. They are not just "a pile of cotton" - they are very precisely engineered constructions. In fact the unit has a pre-filter to try to keep the main filter as clean as possible, so that it lasts as long as possible. The pre-filter costs about $6 each, and should be changed quarterly. The main HEPA filter should be changed yearly and is about $60.

So again, not cheap, but VERY good at what it does. If you have allergies or sleeping problems, you might be amazed at how better you sleep when you have fresh air to breathe. The resulting good health and better efficiency and activity could be well worth the cost to you.

Highly Recommended.

Kenmore 83378 Pre-Filter for the Kenmore Progressive 295
Kenmore 83375 Main HEPA Filter for the Kenmore Progressive 295

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