Seventh Generation Glass and Surface Cleaner

I am very much in favor of environmentally safe products, for many reasons. They're safer for us humans. They're safer for our pets. They're safer for our environment! This should be the direction that all of us head in.

I therefore had very high hopes and expectations for the Seventh Generation Glass and Surface Cleaner. People have been cleaning surfaces for thousands of years. You would hope in all of that time that we'd become the experts in how dirt interacts with water, how bacteria work, what is sanitary, what is pleasant smelling.

Unfortunately, there's a reason that some of those modern mysterious substances are in some of the products we use.

First, we compared the Seventh Generation on various glass surfaces against standard other glass cleaners out there (Windex, etc). The Seventh Generation did smell gentle and nice. Its application was more watery and less "slippery" than the other products. No surprise - most commercial glass cleaners contain chemicals which aid in that slipperiness, which helps your rag slide more easily over the surface you are cleaning. You had to rub with a bit more vigor with the Seventh Generation in order to get the same level of shine. It was possible in the end to get the same level of results, just with a little more work on the natural side.

Next, we went onto common household surfaces. Again, we compared the Seventh Generation against other standard commercial products. Again, the gentle aroma was a definite plus in the Seventh Generation favor. The same slidely issue presented itself. The Seventh Generation was more like washing the surface with a wet sponge, vs a sliding cleaner which made the task more easy. It also tends to wear out the paper towels more quickly for the same reason.

The cleaner also does not have the high power of other cleaners. It would move around some types of stains, but not easily lift them. It took a fair amount more work to get a stain up off. In some cases it would not lift it at all, while other cleansers would do the job.

I do want to comment that this cleaner isn't *meant* to take the place of a bleach or ammonia style cleaner. However, you should be trying to minimize your use of those cleaners anyway. Yes, you can have a bottle of that for when it's really needed, but in general for health reasons you should keep your use of these to a minimum.

That being said, you should keep your use of ANY chemical-filled cleansers to a minimum for the same reason :) And for the general clean-up around the home, this product is quite fine. You might use a few more paper towels, but if you're going the environmentally nice route, you'll switch to rags anyway which won't really wear out. It might require a little more elbow grease, but heck, most of us could use a few more calories burned each day. You can keep the more powerful things in the back of the cabinet, but this way you can use them only when you really have to, rather than every single day for typical clean up tasks.

Finally, out of the pack that was shipped to us, two of the bottles leaked. This made the box soaking wet, the invoice a soggy mess, and of course lost a fair amount of product. It seems they need to do a better job sealing up their bottles before they send them out.

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