A History of Vodka

Vodka's history traces back to the 1100s in eastern Europe - somewhere around current day Russia or Poland. It began as an alcohol made out of rye, used for medical purposes. Alcohol is a great painkiller and can kill bacteria.

Slowly over the years it was made with other ingredients, including barley and potatoes.

Vodka only came to the US in the mid-thirties, but even then it did not sell well. It was only when a bartender hit upon using vodka with lime juice (a Moscow Mule) that consumption picked up. It currently accounts for 20% of all distilled spirits consumed in the US.

What Is Vodka? Vodka can be made from just about any raw material. It needs to be distilled, flavorless, colorless, tasteless, and non-aged. Most vodkas are made either from potatoes or from grain - corn and rye are two common grains used.

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