Lisa Shea - 1980 Childhood Diary

Part 2: The Summer

6/19/1980 (last day of school)
Today I said goodbye to Cheepie and the fishes. Mommy doesn't have $5.00, so daddy will give us it and she will pay him back. I found 2 books of Ms. Foree's, I also found a book report group book. Deo gave me the book "The Cat from Outer Space". Miss Foree was raffling books off, and I got a 3 piece stamp set. It has a frown, a smile, and a From the desk of ______. Daddy didn't pick us up at 1:00, so we walked home. I called up daddy, and he said he forgot that we got out at one. We got picked up at 3. At 7:00, we went to see The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader turns out to be Luke's father. It was good.

Today we got up at 6:00, got dressed, and left at 7:30. A the terminal, they checked our clothes and luggage. We rode in an Eastern Airline from 8:00 - 12:00. Then we stopped in Miami, started again and landed in Orlando, where Bud picked us up. First we went to Bunnie's aunt's house, then to Bud's. Bud is Bunnie's father. Bunnie had a nice birthday cake. At 8:00 we went to International House of Pancakes, then to Disney World. We got to ride in a pirate ride, the Haunted House, Peter Pan, and It's a Small World. After we watched the fireworks, we had to leave. I wanted to see Space Mountain, but will probably get to ride it tomorrow.

Today Jenny and I got up at 8:00. We watched cartoons until 11:00. Then we ate and went to Disney World. The first ride we went to was a people mover, then Space Mountain. it was an 1/2 hour wait. I couldn't see during the ride, because my hair was in the way. After that we rode on most of the good rides. My favorite was the Jungle Cruise. This was also our last ride. At a magic shop, I got a magic thing, billiard balls, and the cigarette through a handkerchief. Jenny got rubber pencils and other stuff. Later, I went with Daddy and Bunnie to a shopping mall. I got a postcard of Cinderella's Castle.

Today I got up at 10:50. I was the last one up. I had raisin bran for breakfast. At 12:00, we left for Lake Brian. Once there, Bunnie and I signed up for a sunfish. Meanwhile we swam in the 6 ft pool and the lake. When it was our turn, we had a lot of fun. I also signed up for a paddle boat. The lake had a slide into the water, and a float. No diving was allowed in he pool. A storm came and we had to get out of the water, but we went back in soon. I met a friend named Lisa. We came home and I discovered that I had a horrible sunburn. We went to Red Lobster and I had a hamburger. Tomorrow we will go to the Flea Market. I have $1.10 left.

Today at about 11:00 we went to the flea market. It took a 1/2 hour to get there. When I was there, I got 37 marbles. 20 swirled, 11 blue and yellow and 6 red. They all cost $1.00. I also saw some saddles. When we first got there I felt sick. When we came back, Mike did a trick for me, and gave me a box of tricks. I got the billiard ball tricks! At 6:00 we went down to the Hilton Inn and played Miniature Golf. It was swamped! After that I played pinball, and spent $1.75! I lost my quarter in one, but got paid back.

Today we got up at 6:00 and went to the Polynesian Village to have lunch. I had 2 sausages, scrambled eggs, watermelon, bacon and a banana. After that we got our luggage and started driving. We drove for 3 hours before getting to Mark's house. He has a parakeet named Pretty Boy Floyd. He is white and blue. They also have a dog named Candi. I liked Floyd better. He can whistle and say his name. I miss Cheepie. At the Polynesian Village, we played pinball, air hockey, can, skeeball, and air handball. Jenny put in two quarters in a pinball game and got 7 games. Daddy wouldn't let us try for more. It was fun.

Today Bunnie woke me up. Candi made 4 ham sandwiches for us to take on our trip. I had scrambled eggs and bacon and orange juice. Then we rode to McDonalds after 1 hour of driving. After that we drove through Alabama and Mississippi before stopping in Louisiana. We got Room 144 in a Ramada Inn. After arriving, we swam, watched TV, and went to New Orleans. In New Orleans, on Bourbon Street, there was at least 4 Naked Women and 1 Naked Man places. At one, I looked in through an open door. A nude Lady was on the stage! We left soon.

Today we got up at 8:00, because the manager rung the phone. We went to the House of Waffles, and I had chocolate milk, toast and bacon. Jenny had this too, but with hot chocolate. I tried some of daddy's waffles and I like them. Then we drove to Texas. Along the way we played ghost. Bunnie drove first, then Daddy. When in their town, we got off the wrong exit. We got to grandpa's house at 8:30. Daddy and Bunnie will sleep in an hotel while Jenny and I sleep here for one night. They have a nice house. Everyone else will come tomorrow. Jenny has a rash on her stomach, and we don't know what it is.

Today daddy woke me up at 12:00 by putting the coyote in my face. I had lunch, then we went swimming for 1/2 hour. Later we drove down to pick up Blake, Becky, Micheal, Matthew, and Paige. Bruce and arrived already with his wife, Karen. We had 3 cars, and our car had Blake along. We played volleyball, and I took some movies. Then we all had dinner at 8:00, missing Dukes of Hazzard. Becky and family ate at Micheal's uncle's. We played ghost, and I only got a g. Then we played a series of games. Daddy and Bruce played chess most of the time. We slept at grandpa's again.

Today I got up at 8:30 and watched cartoons until about 1:30, sometimes on the small TV and sometimes on the large one. I went on a plane with Michael, Bruce, Karen, Great Aunt Dot, and Daddy. I played chess with daddy and got his queen but we felt queezish and stopped. I saw a water slide, and a huge pool. I was very hot in the plane and I was sweating. When we landed, we ate and the whole family went swimming. Later, Bruce got stung on the neck by a wasp when we went to get the game Risk. We started with Becky, Blake, Daddy, Bruce and me and lost in that order - I won! We ended the game at 2:00. Jenny was asleep. [This is the ONLY part of this entire trip that I remember, winning at Risk]

Today grandma woke us up and we went to McDonalds for brunch. It was fun. Then we went to the nursing home where Grandma works and met her friends. I watched TV when we came back. Later, we drove down tot he astrodome and daddy, gramps, and Bruce watched a baseball game while Bunnie, Karen, Becky, Matt Jenny and I went to Astro World. I went on the loop twice, once without hands! Matt went on it once. I also went on the smaller roller coaster. I got a cap pen and the snowstorm tablets at a magic shop, but the tablets don't work. We got home and at 12:00pm we went to the hotel. I forgot my swimsuit at grandma's.

Today we got a wake up call at 7:00. Grandpa came and said goodbye, then we went to eat at their restaurant. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Conroe, Texas. I had a waffle and chocolate milk. Becky brought our clothes and my swimsuit that I left. We ate lunch at Hardees, I had hot dogs. We plan to get daddy a bell that says ramalamaramalamadingdong. We had dinner at McDonalds, and I had a hamburger and a chocolate shake.

Today we got a wake up call at 8:30 but stayed in bed until 9:00. I had 2 buttermilk pancakes an milk for breakfast. I have 2 bags, my knapsack and Mark's present We drove from 10:00am until 2:00pm before reaching Tampa. We flew from 6 'til 9. They had dinner but I didn't like it too much. We didn't have lunch. I liked looking at New York at night. The flight to Hartford left at 12:45 so I got a comic book to read, and watched TV on a 25 cents for 20 minutes TV from 11:00 to 11:30. The flight to Hartford was short. We had almost no gas, so we went to a gas station, and were home by 3:00

Today I got up at about 12:30. Jenny and Daddy were up, but Bunnie was still sleeping. Daddy drove us home and I let Len try my snowflake tablets. They really work! Then I went upstairs and saw my new shelf and 3-2-1 Contact. The fish is still living, so I fed them.

[I didn't write much for the rest of the year - now in 7th grade]

Dear Diary, Today we got a dog. We named it O'henry. On the way back when mom said "let it loose," he almost went on Park Road. When I told her that, she said "stop blaming other people." I yelled "Stupid" and ran in the bathroom, locking the door. She yelled at me, then went around to the porch window. I opened the door fast! She forced her way in grabbed my sneaker and started hitting me. I screamed like anything! Once she hit my hand! It hurt like anything. I forgave her by the end of the day, though I don't see why. [I do remember this day pretty vividly ;) ]

Dear diary, Today I told my project. The class graded me between a B and a C but Mr Straite gave me a B+. In art (child care) I got a detention with the rest of our class. It was my first one! Stacy was supposed to come over today, but we planned it for tomorrow. We will finish up our reports on Norway. We each have to do our own title page, etc.! In health, we saw a film about 3 life sentence convicts telling their stories. In math, they have pictures of the earth in different shapes, like a cone, cube, spheroid or even a wiggly shaped thing. One was like a doughnut! In choir we had a sub. He was an old student of Mrs. Katz. We were so bad! My hand still hurts. I got an 88 on my geography test.

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