Collecting your Dreams

Once you start writing down your dreams, youŽll want to keep the collection together. Normally there are two ways people do this - in a three-ring binder or on the web.

For those who are busy or technologically challenged, the three ring binder is best. You take the Dream Forms you write on and simply add them to your binder. You can start a new binder each year, and put in other notes about what was going on in your life.

For those who like the web, and have the time, another option is to retype your notes so that they are legible for years to come, which isnŽt necessarily true of your late-night handwriting. By putting your dreamlogs on the web, you make it easier to search and scan them, and can get feedback from others.

Either way, itŽs important to collect your notes together, so you can start to read them in sequence. When you start to look back on your dreams after a few months, you can see patterns in the things you dreamt about and the people involved.

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