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This description goes with the Sample Dream Form - helping to make dream recording much easier.

This is pretty obvious, but I canīt tell you how many notes I find later on, and I have no idea when they were done. It really makes a difference when you had a dream, depending on what was going on in your life. Sometimes I just put the month and date, and forgot the year. After a year or two, I completely forget which one it was. Always date your dream notes!

I find that locations keep reappearing in my dreams, and that they show up for certain reasons. I dream about a childhood home when Iīm feeling a certain way about my life. Your own locations will have special meanings to you personally. By noting this right at the top, itīll help you sort through them later on.

In the same manner, dreaming about certain people can mean that youīre feeling a certain way, or have certain concerns. Note that 2 or 3 key people that show up in your dream.

Most dreams are centered around a certain emotion - happiness, sensuality, fear, concern. Make a note about what the key emotion of the dream was.

While books may try to convince us that all people use the same dream symbols, this is certainly not true. One person may find a raven a sign of knowledge and strength, while another person may be deathly afraid of ravens and have them be a symbol of fear and loss of control. Learn what your own symbols mean to you.

This is where you write out the details of the dream, in as much detail as you can remember. Something which may seem trivial at the time may later on take on meaning if you keep dreaming about it over and over again.

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