Lucid Dreaming Ebook

Lucid dreaming is simply being aware that you are in a dream. This gives you a WEALTH of benefits. You can dream-practice a foreign language. You can dream-visit a tropical island and relax for hours in peace. You can dream-practice facing a room full of strangers, or flying on an airplane. Dreaming is fun, free, and happens every night. You can use this time to better your waking world!

Anybody can be taught to lucidly dream, with fantastic results. Here is what the ebook covers.

-- What is Sleep?
-- What is Lucid Dreaming?
-- Are Lucid Dreams Real?
-- Benefits of Lucid Dreaming
-- Hazards of Lucid Dreaming
-- Will my Regular Dreaming Suffer?
Building Dream Recall
-- Dream Journal
-- Prime Yourself for Dream Recall
-- Record your Dream Immediately
Triggering Lucidity
-- Reality Testing
-- Personal Dream Issues
-- Interrupt your Sleep
-- Lucid Dreaming Devices
Remaining Lucid
-- Keep Repeating It's a Dream
-- Staying In the Dream
-- Adventures in Lucid Dreaming
-- Starting Out
-- Saying Things Out Loud
-- The Corner Technique
Building your Skills
-- Handling Nightmares

All you need to dream lucidly is this ebook and a night's sleep. Put your sleeping hours to good use, and get rid of those nightmares!

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