Forcing a Dream to Happen Again

Sometimes you have a dream that you completely adore, and wish you could live in forever. How can you force that dream to keep coming back into your nighttime hours?

You need to realize that your dream time is not simply a VHS tape that you can pop in to have fun. Dreams aren't there for fantasy escapes. If they were, we'd dream about beach vacations with sun and fun every night!

Dreams are your subconscious' way to give you direction in your life. It is there to point out problems and help you find solutions. If all you dreamt about was casual sunbathing, your real life problems would get worse and worse and that would be a bad thing!

So when your dream is showing you a gorgeous situation, it's not saying "here keep dreaming about this all the time". It is pointing you towards what you should have in your WAKING life. Would you really prefer the dream of something over the reality of something? If you dreamt about a happy relationship for 1 hour a night, could that ever equal the reality of HAVING a happy relationship 24 hours a day?

You dream about what you are currently focussed on in life. If you focus on a task of having a great relationship with your partner, you're likely to dream about it. The dreams will help you make that relationship even better - sometimes by highlighting the great things you do have, and sometimes by highlighting the problem areas to work on. You can't just focus on one type of dream. If you avoid the problems, they will only get worse. You need all of the dream types to fully work on the relationship and improve it.

So if you have a great dream, treasure it! And really evalute it to see what it is telling you. If you keep focussing on that issue and work on it, you're likely to dream about it more, and the dreams will get better and better. But when you do dream about the problem areas, don't dismiss those dreams. Those dreams are just as important, and when you address and fix the problems, they will fade away.

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