How to Have a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreams are dreams where you know you are dreaming, and can alter how the dream progresses. How can you have a lucid dream?

The first trick is to learn what your normal dreams are like, to understand their rhythm. Get a pad of paper to serve as your dream log, and write down what you remember each morning, no matter how scanty. YouŽll find that the more you write down each day, the better youŽll remember your dream the next day.

The second trick is to build a dream-test into your normal, daily habit. One easy thing to do is to wear a watch. In dreams, nothing stays stable, so if you look at a watch twice, itŽll probably change in between glances. In reality, of course, watches donŽt change like that. So if you make it a practice to glance at your watch occasionally during your waking hours, youŽll probably do that in your dreams, too. But in your dreams, youŽll find that it has changed, and that will make you aware of your dream state.

You can also look twice at signs or any other written word. Dreams will rarely if ever show you the same text twice.

Another way to induce a lucid dream is to interrupt your sleep. Studies have shown that if you wake up an hour earlier than usual, then go back to sleep, that youŽre very likely to have a lucid dream in that last hour of sleep.

There are also devices that can help you dream lucidly. Most of us have had dreams that involved real life sounds - alarm clock noises, radios, or people saying things. In the same way, devices can cause a light or sound to go off at certain times. When you hear that sound, or see that light, you realize youŽre in a dream and can then be lucid in the dream.

What is a Lucid Dream?

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