Interpreting your Dream - Dream Interpretation

Once you´re able to remember and record your dreams, it´s time to figure out what they mean! Dream Interpretation is the process of decoding the symbols in your dreams.

This works best if you have the dream written out in pretty clear detail, and can read it over later in the day. If you gather up a few days or a week's worth of dreams, it works even better, because now you can read them together and look for any patterns that emerge.

First, look for any key elements in your dreams. Are you dreaming about fire, or water? Are there certain animals that keep appearing? Are there fears, such as of accidents or of nakedness? Look up the Dream Symbols to learn what these might mean.

Next, look to see who is involved in your dreams. Are they people important to you, or people from long ago? Are they people you're interested in? Is it always the same person, or does the person vary?

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