Dream Meaning - Finding Meanings in your Dreams

Your dreams are a message to you, letting you know what to pay attention to in your life. How do you determine the meanings of your dreams?

The first step is to identify the various symbols you remember from your dream. Were there bears? Was the color blue a common theme? Was it rainy, or sunny? Were you looking for a lost item, or running from a threat? Look up each of the dream symbols in our Dream Symbol Encyclopedia and list the meanings of each one.

Then look at how those symbols intertwined. Was the bear threatening or calm, huge or tiny? Was the rain a driving, hard rain, or a soft, gentle sprinkle? What seemed to be the most important part of the dream? What parts were in the background?

The more you can evaluate the meaning of each symbol, and the importance of each symbol in your dream, the more you can decipher what message the dream was sending to you.

Now - act on the message! If the dream is telling you that you should tell that special guy that you're interested in him, then don't hide in your dreams and let the opportunity pass you by. Understanding the dream is just the first step. Taking action on the message is much more challenging - but is worth it.

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