Native Americans and Dreams

The Native American culture has always given great significance to dreams, even while other Western cultures thought them meaningless. Native Americans saw dreams as giving important information to the dreamer about their life and their future.

Every individual had their own totem, or special animal. This could be a wolf, a bear, an eagle, or any other creature. This totem appearing in a dream would indicate that something of special significance was being examined. The totem might be trying to guide the person to a decision, or perhaps warning the person of a danger.

Most Native Americans also believed in dream-spirits which helped watch over all dreamers and provide assistance. One of these spirits was a white deer. The deer was of course extremely important to many Native American tribes, providing both food, clothing, and material for tools. The dream spirit of the white deer would help guide the dreamer to a destination, to something the dreamer should do.

Another common dream symbol for the Native Americans was the white wolf. The wolf was seen in a protector role, watching over the dreamer and keeping him from danger. The appearance of a white wolf could warn about a danger that the dreamer had not paid ample attention to.

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