How To Remember Dreams

Many people insist they never dream, or rarely dream. Often itīs just that the people forget the dreams before they wake up! Learn how to remember your own dreams, so that you can learn what they are trying to tell you.

A dream is something passing through your mind, just like any other event you experience. Think about a month ago - do you remember every single thing you did on a given day? Probably not. But things that you wrote about in your diary, or that you talked about with friends, or that you really looked forward to - those things are probably easier to remember. Itīs the same with dreams.

Your first step in remembering your dreams is to WANT to remember them. Something that is important to you is easier to remember. Itīs easier to remember things about your wedding day than it is about some random day. So, before you go to sleep each night, repeat to yourself that you are going to dream, and that you want to remember those dreams. Convince yourself that this is important to you.

The second step is awaking with a fresh memory of the dream. You can really want to remember a song, but if you only start trying to memorize it months after you hear it in a parade, youīre going to have trouble. If instead you start memorizing it right when the parade is passing you, itīll be much easier. So you need to think about the dream immediately after you wake up.

The complication with this step is that people donīt just dream right before they wake up. They dream in small periods, separated by periods of dreamless sleep. So conceivably you could have last dreamed over an hour ago, and that dream is now a fading memory.

Since random chance should have dreams occurring right before you wake up at least some of the time, the fact that some times you wake up without remembering a dream is normal. However, if you always wake up without remembering, you might want to try changing the way you wake up.

It might be that you wake up in a slow way, which gives the dream plenty of time to fade away. Instead, try setting an alarm for an hour before you wake up, to interrupt your sleep. If you were dreaming when the alarm goes off, the dream should still be fresh in your mind. You can always go back to sleep once you record your dream.

Once you are awake with a dream fresh in your mind, itīs time to go on to step 2, which is recording your dream immediately.

Recording your Dreams

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